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Making New Friends at a Job

No matter what industry you’re stepping into, socializing with your new workmates can be a tough nut to crack. This might somehow be intimidating and you may have butterflies in your stomach each time you want to start a conversation, but you figure out that you don’t know the other person completely and you fear […]

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Web Building For Recruiters

If you are operating in the recruiting business, we will wager you know how important first impressions are. A fantastic candidate will appear intelligent, have a polished CV and will be prepared to answer any queries in a meeting. And what about you, being the recruiter? Should you face said candidate, then you are going […]

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Create a Relationship With Your Medical Patients

The relationship with patients and their doctors are important for the overall care that is given. Both parties need to work together so the results are positive. However, the important of a doctor and patient relationship isn’t necessarily important just for the results, it is important for the comfort and confidence of the process being […]

have a proper company structure
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Why a company needs a sound business structure

A company is not a small business operation, and there are several factors that differentiate small business operations from large ones, one of such factors is the use of a formal business structure. Having a business structure is very important for the company to give clarity and guidance on some certain human resource issues like […]