Why have a business Twitter profile

importance of business twitter account

Incorporating Twitter in a business is one of the best decisions a company can make. Twitter holds the mantle in connecting a vast and diverse group of online practitioners, potential clients and business people. A company with a Twitter profile stands to gain a lot in terms of exposure and familiarity with the trends. Some of the benefits a company stands to get from this vas marketing phenomenon are as follows.

   Creating and Increasing Awareness

Through the platform, several companies alike have the chance of promoting their businesses and creating awareness of a number of their products through various means such as the use of videos, creating hashtags, using photos, leveraging on ambassadors and so many more methodologies. Twitter can also be a platform with which these companies generate traffic to their websites and locations. This is achieved by placing adverts on the Twitter page for viewers and potential customers

   Boost Connections between a Company and the Community

Twitter creates a platform on which a company is able to interact with various customers or users in order to get feedback on their products and receive orders. Such connections are important since a company will manage to boost their services and ensure that they create an environment in which they are capable of accommodating everyone. They can also use the feedback to streamline their services and products to focus a specific target group.

   Following the Trends in the Local and Global Markets

A company is able to monitor and gauge the change in trends by using information and feedback from other companies and customers. This ultimately enables it to adjust accordingly in order to keep up with what the trends demand and remain competitive with other firms and organizations alike. Twitter facilitates this by generating a report or a list of blogs and posts on a hashtag that correlates with a particular industry, therefore, making it easy to follow up on the hot topics and discussions about a particular field and what can be done about it.

   Enhance Effective and Influential Communication

Twitter creates an environment where a company can communicate their values and goals clearer to people in order to generate interest and create a rapport in its community. A company can decide to have a day-to-day update or blogs on what they are up to or what they aspire to gain or approach in the near future. This enlightens customers and its followers more, hence, making it easier to follow up on the company’s policies and mission as they go about their activities. 

   Better Customer Service and Improved Customer Gratification

At times, customers lack a platform where they can approach a company for an inquiry, complaint or action to be taken against a particular issue. They often expect a platform where the company can reply immediately and have their issues sorted instead of waiting for hours on a call or expecting an email reply for days. Using Twitter, companies easily sort out complaints by their customers within a short period of time. Having the ability to interact with customers at a personal level is essential for the growth of the company in general. This type of excellent customer service also keeps a company ahead of their competitors, which is a positive aspect towards it.

Twitter in business, therefore, is a very powerful tool. A business can benefit greatly if this phenomenon is put into excellent use and its features and leveraged well. A Twitter business profile goes without saying as a powerful tool geared towards the success of the business!



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