7 Decoration Ideas to Turn Your Office into an Inspirational Workplace

People spend a good number of hours in the office working. Our modern-day demands have made our offices become our second homes away from home. The appearance or the way you decorate the office says a lot about you as a person. But most importantly, it can positively or negatively affect your productivity in the workplace. Research has shown that office arrangement can have an influence on thoughts and attitudes towards work. It is, therefore, crucial to making the office environment lively. We have researched and concluded these several design trends to help decorate for an inspirational office.

1. Proper Lighting

Lighting is a critical component in an office environment. Proper lighting means that you don’t use too much or very little light. To get the right hue of light to spark up your office, consider using natural light. The warmth and colours of the embracing sunlight will give your office a natural touch that cannot compare to artificial lighting. This means installing more windows if need be and moving desks and storage cabinets to capture the most sunlight for the whole office.


2. Use The Right Colors

To get the best from your office, consider using bright or bold colours. Colours are known to affect our attitude, and bold colours can lift the office spirit. You can start by giving the desks a bold colour, then proceed to paint the walls a neutral or warm colour like white. With the right colour combination, you’ll be walking into a more lively office filled with chirpy workers.

3. Apply Art

Inspirational pieces of art can also add life to your office space. These may range from simple paintings to artistic ornaments placed on museum plinths. When choosing a piece of art, consider going for one that blends with the theme of the office. Consider going for paintings that have a specific colour of frames that will rhyme with the paint on the walls. Or perhaps a shatterproof airtight cabinet to secure the more valuable pieces.

4. Add a Potted Plant

There are plenty of plants that thrive in an indoor environment. Having a plant in your office will create a calm atmosphere in your office. Additionally, some plants will also make the air clean for you. Colourful plants are the best when it comes to office decorations.

5. Be Organized

A disorganized office workplace can be very discouraging and is likely to lower one’s motivation for work. A proper collaborative organization system is key to avoiding a dead office where inefficiencies bombard people. All the files should be indexed so that they can easily be found, separated by the teams of people that use them. Whenever they are needed. The restructuring may also involve keeping the essentials within reach and putting the less frequently accessed items further away and in narrower spaces.

6. Have a Vision Board

If you want your office to look inspiring, consider adding a vision board. A vision board will help you in documenting all that you intend to achieve by the end of each day and is a good way of keeping you and your workers in a lively and mood. Include pictures for a more impactful vision board. By picking the right images, you can tell a story about the daily goals you intend to achieve. Not just the daily goals, vision boards can be used for the bigger picture as well. An office’s long-term goals are just as, if not, more important than their daily goals. Getting workers united in striving for these long-term goals is no easy task, but it is massively beneficial to the business. Giving workers a common cause to work together towards, the vision board can help realize Senge’s fifth discipline for a learning organization – Shared Vision.

7. Keep it Simple

At times the office space looks dull because there are too many things in the office. This may include using a variety of colours to the point that the office no longer looks beautiful. Dullness in the office can also result from too much cluttering. To make the office livelier consider removing some of the things that you don’t need from the office. Keeping it simple may also involve blending the old and the new. Old furniture can add beauty to your office when placed the right way.