Picking a Business Partner

It’s time to choose the right partner for your business endeavors and it’s essential to pick the right one. If you end up picking the wrong person then most likely your business will fail even before it starts. Finding someone who has the experience and the same goals and values as you is a top priority, if you do this then anything can be achieved.

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Here are a few tips of what to look for in a business partner

Have the passion

You want someone who has the same passion as you for the industry you’re trying to succeed in. The other party needs to be passionate about the business. If your partner is not wanting to work as hard as you are then you might not meet the goals needed to succeed. You don’t want to hire a partner who won’t commit to making the business their priority. If you work within the steel industry you need to seek someone who gets excited about wire work and the possibilities of furthering themselves and their company with welded wire mesh.

Being Reliable

This can be seen even from the interview stage as to who is enthusiastic about the company and being your partner and who is not fazed by the opportunity paved in front of them. Check out their resume to see if it is scattered? This could mean they cannot commit to a business even as a basic employee instead of a business partner. Look for the reg flags that they cannot be trusted and seem distracted. You don’t want to get into business partnership with that person who turns up late to the exhibition showcase opening night and isn’t even present in any photos with the museum display for marketing opportunities. This is just one example of how hiring the wrong person can go so wrong.

Someone compatible or not

When you are looking for a business partner it can be tempting to try and find someone who has similar interests that you also have. This is good but how about the idea and challenge of trying to find a business partner who is something you are not. You may be able to accomplish more important things if you go ahead and hire someone with the skills that you are lacking.

Someone who builds relationships

You will have to gain access to a network of potential investors, customers and industry influences if you want to scale your business. If both of your professional and social circles are smaller than average, then it may be a good move to hire someone that has good connections and a lot of them. More people interested means more business opportunities for both you and your partner.


Successful business-people are good innovators. A business partner will need to be a person that can come up with new ideas. If you want your company to be different and stand out, then the business parent needs fresh ideas not just old ideas that are renovated. This creative approach is something you can take on board when initially hiring a business partner, think outside the box during the interviewing and eventual hiring process.

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Be open minded

The types of business partners that you want absolutely need to be able to have an open mind. Cooperating with someone who is not open to new ideas can be hard. It can prevent your business from growing up to its fullest potential.

You need a little risk

While risks can sometimes be bad and potentially a little scary, you want a businessperson, who has a tolerance for risks and is willing to take the steps you may not be ready to. There will be times in your business career where you will need to make an investment without knowing what the results will be. You could miss out on opportunities if your business partner prefers not to take risks. The two of you need to be on the same page when it comes to making the make or break decisions.

Resolving Conflicts

Like all relationships business partners won’t always be able to see eye to eye. The conflicts are bound to happen especially when you are working long hours, everyone is tired or if business isn’t going as well as you expected. You don’t want someone who you don’t get along with at all.

You and your business partner aren’t always going to see things in the same way. Conflicts are not avoidable when you’re working day after day with the same exact person. But someone who holds grudges or seeks revenge when they don’t get their way could become more of a problem than a problem solver.

A business partner can make it or break it when it comes to your business. Decide wisely and ensure to check over all of their details and credentials to ensure you choose the best.


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