How to market your small real estate agency

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The year 2019 has been predicted to be interesting year for the real estate industry. With increasing mortgage rates but an equally enthusiastic millennials ready to purchase their own house, real estate agencies can consider 2019 to be quiet a bountiful year. It does not matter whether you are a solo estate agent or have a small real estate agency. The following tips should help you market your agency better.

  • Beautiful pictures

Instead of relying on your good old smartphone, it is better to have a professional photographer take wonderful photos of the properties you are handling. With his experience and knowledge, he will be able to best portray the property. Blurred out, grainy or incomplete photos will not bring in any potential buyers. So, don’t skimp on a photographer.

  • Descriptive content

After the photos, comes the description. The description should cover not only the space and the number of rooms and facilities but also highlight other information such as the views, the porch, the strong fencing and security. Depending upon the type of customer, you should carefully select which houses to showcase. A family with a new-born would prefer a house with high railings, child-proof furniture and high security. A newly-wed couple may prefer a smaller house with a lovely romantic swing in the yard. The content should be descriptive but never misleading.

  • Website updates

In today’s age of technology, most buyer and sellers prefer to search/ enlist online. So, having your own website with information on all listed properties, customer reviews and general information on the real estate market will be a huge plus point. Also, please ensure that your website is up to date. A sold house should be taken off the rooster, any updates on the conditions of the listed properties should be promptly changed. Also, list your agencies in all general real estate websites and do not forget to link it to all your social media accounts. If possible, make your website easy to access in mobile phones as well.

  • Referrals

Don’t be shy and ask for referrals from satisfied clients. For a small real estate agency, most prospective clients come from references of previous clients. Also, your job as a real estate does not end with simply closing a deal with the client. In today’s times, where it is estimated that the millennials change houses every six to eight years, your continued contact with the client can even bring you repeat business.

  • Setting up stalls and booths

Local festivals and exhibitions can be a great way to set up your own stall. Talking to all those who visit the festival/ exhibition and promoting your agency as well as handing over your creatively made business card is a good way to market your real estate agency to large group of people. If you have sufficient funds, sponsoring a local competition such as children arts and crafts competitions or musicals will also go a long way towards marketing your agency.

  • Newspaper and Banks

Become a real estate columnist in the local newspaper. Regularly write on real estate updates, changes in the property or land laws and changes in the mortgage and property loan scenarios. Partner up with local banks and set up a proactive, co-operative agreement that gives your clients a discount in processing fees or bank charges when setting up mortgage accounts with the said banks. This brings in business for both you as well as the local banks.

You can also align yourself to niche sectors within real estate such as family homes or homes for singles and make your name in only such sectors. You can also partner up with a property lawyer and provide a full-scale of real estate services that is not confined to simply selling or buying property but everything that goes before, in between and after.



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