Tips on Designing Your Office

Your office space is not just the place where you will work, but a place where you will be at ease to come up with innovative and fresh ideas. It will also be very inspiring for you and your employees to feel that it’s a home away from home. Setting up an office design may be a costly venture, but then, it is very important to have a design that will not only be inspirational but will motivate your employees to continue to work and be productive. Here are a couple of factors that will help you come up with great and inspirational designs for your office space.

1. Keep your office culture in mind

As you design your office, it is important to have a picture of the effect the design will have on the culture of the industry that you intend to practice. A design that makes you different from your competitors is one that you should definitely opt for. It is the culture of a particular business that keeps a loyal client coming back each and every time. Your employees also might have the best picture of how to represent your office culture into a design that will make up the office space. Consider having a team meeting to interact with them and hear what they have to say and any suggestions they may have.

2. Office Dynamics are key

Having a layout that will foster interaction among your employees or one that ensures how they will maximise the space given is essential. The experiences you have had while working with your employees serve as a guideline. They may be the kind that enjoy interacting with each other on a regular basis. You can incorporate that idea to come up with a design.

3. Have a mental picture of productivity

Your office design will impact the level of productivity from you or your employees. According to the WPI analytics on the design of an office space, it impacts as much as 20% of the general productivity. The way your employees work will tell you how they generally feel about their work place. The design of the office layout, and the tangible arrangement has a psychological effect on the employees, hence it should be considered heavily when designing an office space.

4. Natural lighting & Psychology

As much as you may tend to ignore this trait, natural lighting impacts greatly on natural life. It has a psychological and a physiological effect on people. Natural lighting is a key factor to happiness in the work place, since it is responsible for the production of the hormone serotonin which is responsible for happy feelings and alertness. This goes to say that natural lighting will affect productivity of a work place. You can choose to remove block cubicles and use more lighting to facilitate as much natural lighting as possible.

5. Visual stimulation

When choosing an office design, it is very important to go for a design that will appeal visually to the employees. Having a colour pattern that fascinates them will do a great deal in ensuring happiness and morale at the work place. Colour, as we tend to know it, has a couple of effects on the psychological well-being of a person. A colour will therefore produce a jovial mood or a dull mood. Emphasize the colour pattern and decorations that appeal positively to them. An office design will greatly impact the morale of your employees and their productivity. It is therefore very important that you get the design that will not only appeal to your employees’ morale and psyche, but also their psychological well-being. When thinking about visual stimulation consider having a feature wall installed or maybe even just a variety of different interior wall finishes, keeping it creative will keep your team interested.

Discuss it with your employees and bring this all to reality.


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